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Exclusive Video: Talking With Goosebumps Creator R.L. Stine

CB: During our recent trip to New York Comic Con, had an opportunity to sit down for a couple of minutes with legendary children's book writer R.L. Stine, creator of the best-selling Goosebumps line of books.

Goosebumps had its first theatrical feature film released this weekend, and it's poised to take the top spot at the box office with a $30+ million draw that will account for more than half of the film's production budget. A sequel is reportedly in the works, although both the film's stars and its director cautioned us that such talk was premature until it's known how this one did at the box office.

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WizzroSupreme2002d ago

So, at least Jack Black got the glasses right.

RetrospectRealm2002d ago

It was the costume designer, not Jack Black himself.