Gotham - "Strike Force" Review

In the fourth episode of Season 2, Gordon gets some back-up, Bruce meets a new friend, and Penguin fights to save Dear Mama.

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Paulhammer1191d ago

Nice summary for those who couldn't watch.

MercilessDMercer1191d ago

I just don't care about this show whatsoever

Digital_Anomaly1191d ago

I was like that after the opening few episodes in season 1 kinda went overboard on the cheese factor for me, BUT if you give it a shot it gets SO SO SO MUCH BETTER.

alycakes1190d ago

Yes, it did get lots better and is getting better with each episode but in response to blackblades, everyone comes on here to give their opinion and if Merciless didn't like it that's okay too.

blackblades1191d ago

Why people like you come on here and say stuff like that. Like we care if you don't like it, next time just don't say anything at all.

falviousuk1191d ago

Cared enough to come on here and comment about it

generalwinter1191d ago

Didn't like this show at first but it grows on you.

SouthClaw1191d ago

Should of called it "strike team"... just saying...

OJSoFunky1191d ago

Need to give this show another chance, season 2 seems like its been a better show.

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