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IGN The Big Bang Theory: "The Separation Oscillation" Review

The Big Bang Theory kicked off its ninth season last week with an uncharacteristically dark episode. Both Sheldon and Leonard faced crumbling relationships, and the long-term prospects for both characters looked pretty bleak. This week's episode did what it needed to do in terms of continuing the relationship drama while also lightening the mood and focusing more on humor. It achieved a nice balance, and it wasn't until the end that "The Separation Oscillation" really dropped the ball.

alycakes3073d ago

I know some day Sheldon and Amy will get back together but this is the first time I've ever felt like maybe Leonard and Penny really don't need to be together.

KingPin3073d ago

this program isnt funny anymore like it used to be. i dont think i laughed once during the episode. the jokes are out-dated or its just recycled humor from previous seasons.


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