Top 10 Tuesday - Netflix Originals (so far)

I have been waiting for this list to be possible, and the time has come. Netflix has been making huge strides as a content creator over the past few years, as such, we feel confident that we can present a strong Top 10 Netflix Original Series list. To qualify for our list, the series has to be original to Netflix, so continuations of shows like The Killing, and Arrested Development don’t count, nor do shows in which Netflix merely owns the US rights, like Between and Lillehammer. We are also aware that several other great looking originals will be heading to Netflix over the years, this list is representative of shows currently on the service. So without further ado, this week’s Top 10 Tuesday explores Netflix Original Series.

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Spiewie 1892d ago

Netflix is pushing out a lot of quality with the likes of Daredevil and Narcos. I never got around to watching any of the other ones though.

dcbronco1892d ago

I think you should have included series funded through a partnership with Netflix also. Rita is very good and is done with Danish TV partners. I believe Peaky Blinders is also partially funded by Netflix. That is an extremely good show.

Stringerbell1892d ago

House of Cards is the only one I'm familiar with, too many shows not enough time to watch them =/