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Documentary Now: “Dronez: The Hunt For El Chingon” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Documentary Now! is to documentaries as Kroll Show was to reality television. Kroll Show breaks down everything that makes up reality television and then parodies it in the extreme. The show’s approach to parody is comprehensive, taking on not only the writing, directing, and acting styles of the original material, but also the editing. Documentary Now! has a similarly detailed and complex satirical style, mimicking specifics and zeroing in on exactly what to heighten for effective comedy. Documentary Now! takes on the added difficulty of stretching its parodies into whole episodes instead of the sketch-show format Kroll Show follows. But Documentary Now! also works with a much more vast and diverse genre umbrella than Kroll Show does. Even as the latter added new characters and sketches, the overall tone of the show remained pretty consistent (and that wacky voice was one of Kroll Show’s greatest strengths). From one episode to the next, Documentary Now! transforms into a t...

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