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Comedy Bang Bang: “A$AP Rocky Wears A Black Button Up And Black Sneakers” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Scott Aukerman and the writers of Comedy Bang! Bang! are a very self-aware bunch. That’s something that pretty evident in every episode, from the strongest one to the weakest, and it’s really a part of the series’ charm. But—without acknowledging the “funnier friends” thing—there’s definitely an argument to be made about Comedy Bang! Bang! relying very much on movie “rip-offs.” Comedy Bang! Bang! often switches between these downright homages or parodies and the broader concept of certain tropes in particular, and both options have their own merits. It’s a major reason why Comedy Bang! Bang! can probably go on for years without real fatigue in terms of coming up with ideas: There’s so much to rip off. But it’s the reliance on said homages or parodies in particular that can create a sense of fatigue for the audience.

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