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Dirty Weekend Review - AVClub

AVClub: Don’t get too excited: Not only is there nothing especially dirty about Dirty Weekend, the latest and lamest film by erstwhile provocateur Neil LaBute, but the movie doesn’t even occupy an entire weekend. Instead, this surprisingly earnest two-hander depicts a single day in the lives of two office drones, Les (Matthew Broderick) and Natalie (Alice Eve), who wind up stuck in Albuquerque when their flight from Los Angeles to Dallas gets grounded by bad weather. It’s made clear early on that Natalie is gay, so there’s no chance of an affair with married Les, who spends a lot of time reassuring his wife on the phone. But once it becomes clear that they won’t be reboarding any time soon, Les is suspiciously eager to head into the city, alone, for what he claims is a mundane shopping trip. Natalie insists on accompanying him, and the bulk of the film consists of Les struggling to hide whatever his guilty secret is while Natalie constantly pressures him to come clean. As a gesture of good faith, she even reveals a secret of her own.

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