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Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine Review - AVClub

AVClub: At the start of Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine, the prolific documentarian admits that he approached his latest film—his third released this year—with no small amount of personal bias. Gibney says he feels conflicted about the late Steve Jobs, a man whose leadership of Apple led to products so beautiful and life-changing that his disciples seem willing to overlook his personal faults and unethical business practices. In an effort to correct the narrative, Gibney dives in and rakes the muck, digging up anecdotes that make Jobs look petty and cruel. The Man In The Machine doesn’t discount all that Jobs accomplished, and what his work and public persona have meant to people. But as an expression of the filmmaker’s own sense of guilt over buying into the Apple myth, this picture intends to be a bummer.

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