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The Simpsons: Every Crossover Episode Ranked – From Worst To Best


Season twenty-six saw The Simpsons break new ground by crossing over with two other big animated sitcoms: Family Guy, once seen as an heir to The Simpsons throne, and Futurama, created, as was The Simpsons, by cartoonist Matt Groening.

Crossovers on The Simpsons generally come few and far between: the show, while openly lampooning popular culture on an almost weekly basis, and featuring guest star after guest star (often in cameo appearances playing themselves), generally sticks to its own little world. Rarely have other animated icons – or characters from other shows in general – appeared on the series, which is what makes two in one season, and full blown episodes as opposed to just minor cameos , so special.

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N0TaB0T2055d ago

Most of them nowadays.

N0TaB0T2054d ago

*Are bad. Garbage show kill it already.

sonicwrecks2054d ago

I actually forgot the number one choice happened, but of course it makes total sense considering the matchup.