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TVF Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 10 Review: zer0-day.avi

Zero Day, the tenth episode and season finale, capped off an incredible freshman run for the summer hit Mr. Robot. The writers managed to pull off expected plot developments in interesting, unexpected ways, and leave the door open for a plethora of exciting possibilities for season two storylines.

Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 10 primarily dealt with the fall out from Elliot's hack of Evil Corp and, to a lesser extent, with Angela's experience dealing with the hack fall-out from her new position within Evil Corp.

Since it's a season closer, I'm going to go character-by-character to address everyone's status by the end.

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alycakes2052d ago

I'm so behind but I can't wait to watch it tonight after I go to bed.

Crazyglues2051d ago

you have to catch up on the website then - , watch everything... the show is awesome, I"m loving it..

Sadly you have to sign-in to whatever cable company your with in-order to watch... but it's a great way to catch up.

OMGitzThatGuy2051d ago

Thanks man! Everytime i download a episode they have my isp (cox) contact me so this helps alot, will catch up after classes.

shadowknight2032051d ago

I prefer anchoring my ship for tv shows, i hate commercials.