Jon Bernthal Teases The Punisher's Epic Arsenal In Behind The Scenes Look At Daredevil


We've seen a bloody and bruised Jon Bernthal on the set of Daredevil a fair few times now, but never with that iconic skull logo on his chest. Those of you doubting whether he'll be The Punisher when we meet him can relax though, as the actor has shared a photo of his amazing arsenal...

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WizzroSupreme2049d ago

Looks boss to me. Hope he gets a chance to use every one of those guns. I assume that at least one of those bullets is meant for Daredevil along the way too, maybe Kingpin too.

MilkMan2048d ago

Hope he gets to use those guns though.

Porcelain_Chicken2048d ago

Very nice! I hope he kills it as Frank. No pun intended. 3 outings and every single Punisher has been butchered more or less. He deserves at least one good interpretation at this point. Same can be said for Fantastic Four.

aDDicteD2044d ago

I have high hopes on him pulling a very good portrayal of the punisher. I'm sure he will make it unique that will fit the show.