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Student Bodies Review - AVClub

AVClub: Halloween was one of the biggest hits of 1978, but it took about a year for the major Hollywood studios and independent filmmakers around the country to start cashing in. Then, by the summer of 1980, slashers abounded. Although a lot of the traits that fans look for in a slasher film—masked killers, randy teens, deceptively pleasant locations, creative murders—were a part of horror and suspense movies long before John Carpenter and Debra Hill synthesized them into a left-field blockbuster, in 1980 they became crucial to the genre’s identity. Friday The 13th, Prom Night, New Year’s Evil, He Knows You’re Alone, Terror Train, and dozens more cult favorites codified what a slasher film was, setting a standard that horror writers and directors are still embracing, rejecting, mocking, quoting, and commenting on decades later.

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