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Drunk History: “New Jersey” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Now in its third season, Drunk History has mastered its formula. The Comedy Central comedy born from a Funny Or Die webseries strikes a strange balance: It’s both a well-oiled and sloppy machine. Things are, of course, bound to get sloppy when copious amounts of alcohol are involved. And Drunk History faces the distinct challenge of letting things get just the right amount of out-of-control. Too many tangents (or in other words, too many drinks) means the stories start to feel less like stories and more like comedians just laughing at their own slurred words. When creator Derek Waters explained how he makes the show, he said he picks comedians as his narrators because they “know how to tell a beginning, middle and end to a story.” The best historical retellers on Drunk History, in fact, never lose sight of the storytelling aspect of the show—even at their sloppiest. And those retellers tend to be the ones who get so wrapped up in telling the story that they actually get excited about it themselves. “New Jersey,” the season three premiere, embodies that kind of giddy delight that can make Drunk History so much fun.

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