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Playing House: Kimmewah Kup Review - AVClub

AVClub: Emma and Maggie take their act on the road this week, to the lake cabin of their youth, to a place where competitive paddleboarding is a thing. There has been relationship strife before in Maggie and Emma’s world during the first season. But this is the first time that they have had to contend with one of them being in an adult relationship at the peak of their platonic partnership. Emma lived in China while Maggie was with Bruce. Emma’s relationship with Mark has largely been framed as a youthful coupling, where there is still room for the best friend to be equal to the romantic partner. Emma and Maggie have been living as a platonic couple that Rabbi Dan presents a sort of threat to their equilibrium. Emma isn’t cheating on Maggie, but his encroaching on their time together is tantamount to such. Still, when it comes down to what’s really bothering Maggie, it’s less that she’s getting dumped for a lovemaking session set to “Two Princes,” but that Emma is changing who she fundamentally is to be with a guy. It’s the classic lady-friend complaint.

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