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New ‘Attack on Titan’ Trailer Will get Your Pulse Pounding

"A new trailer for the anticipated Attack on Titan: End of the World has been released with English subtitles, and it’s frightening and awe-inspiring at the same time. As the followup to Attack on Titan, End of the World continues Eren’s tale as he and the rest of humanity try to figure out a way to defeat the flesh-eating giants and save the human population."

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KidMakeshift2052d ago

You can torrent it now if you can't wait to be disappointed.

XisThatKid2052d ago

"Pulse pound"
With infuriating anger how ridiculously mal developed the writing is

Ninte2052d ago

No matter how many trailers they bring out I've read enough reviews to skip this live adaption

blackblades2052d ago

But it looks good, japanese live adaption better then American live action video game and dragonball evolution movie.

Pillsbury12052d ago

First the 3ds game sucks now they are saying the movie sucks?!

Quit trying to cash grab an amazing franchise!

Stringerbell2052d ago

Yeah a lot of negativity surrounding this one. Tbh though live action adaptation is all the rage now for animes. Some of it is good but there's a lot of bad out there too.

TheFallenAngel2052d ago

The movie is aweful. I could not even finish watching it because of how bad it was. I was trying to give it a chance. But it was just aweful.

TheFallenAngel2052d ago

I was watching it last night. What an aweful movie, I stopped watching it after about a little over half way.

Ninte2052d ago

I've only just got into the anime not long ago and I'm liking it so far. Better late than never

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