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Wander Over Yonder: “The Wanders/The Axe” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “The Wanders” and “The Axe” are perfectly fine, fun episodes. They’re as wildly chaotic as the ones preceding them, with enough ridiculous visuals that would make anyone laugh. I don’t know if they feel substantive, though. Not that they need to, but part of what made the past few episodes so great was that, in addition to being hilarious, they had a clear focus. They explored and/or subverted the main characters and their worldviews, whether they were reaffirming them or condoning them. We got to see, for example, Wander face a version of his unhinged self (“The Boy Wander,”) or Hater struggle between his ego and his attempts at conquests (“The Big Day,”). Tonight’s episodes focused the “sidekicks,” but in a round-about way–through their relationships with their partners (sidekicks is in quotes because Sylvia and Peepers are as much the leads as Wander and Hater are), which kind of muddles their individual stories as well as overall ones.

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