5 Horror Movies That Should Be Made Into TV Shows (And 3 That Shouldn't)


Television shows inspired by horror movies are nothing new; Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which ended in 2003, is one of the genre’s most successful examples. But there’s a trend afoot, with the likes of Scream, Damien, and Ash vs. Evil Dead hitting the airwaves (and Hannibal having just left).

Naturally, when one thing catches on, that means Hollywood starts scrambling through any and all potential source material to find something similar to pounce on next. In the case of TV inspired by horror films, this can be a good thing (Bates Motel has been a solid entry for A&E), or a what-were-they-thinking misfire (Blade: The Series) We gaze into our blood-stained crystal balls to make some recommendations both ways.

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