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Fran Kranz Talks Bloodsucking Bastards (And Why He Wants To Be Killed By Thor)


Cabin in the Woods actor Fran Kranz admits he was hesitant about returning to the horror-comedy genre after being approached about starring in Bloodsucking Bastards (out in select cinemas and on VOD on Sept. 4). “I got an offer for it and, while I like the title, it made me think that I was about to read a horror-comedy and I realized that I’m always a little reluctant because of Cabin in the Woods,” he says. “I love the genre but I want to be a versatile actor that’s seen in a lot of films. But it was too funny a script and the part was different enough. I met Brian James O’Connell, who directed and Justin Ware, who produced and did some revisions on the script and acted in it, and we had the best time together.”

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