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I Watched 12 Minutes of Hot Pursuit

Joey Finnegan watched 12 minutes of "Hot Pursuit," so that you guys don't have to bother watching 1. It is pretty awful.

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hoangminh371879d ago

Nerf War The Movie at the Office, Boss Vs Secretary

Spiewie 1878d ago

Love the way some people put themselves through such agony so that I don't have to waste my time. Thank you.

Aldous_Snow1878d ago

You lasted 12 minutes with Sofia Vergara??? Pfft, I only lasted 3 :(

masterfox1878d ago

is Sofia vergara in a movie, what you expect ?

StarWarsFan1878d ago

I'd like to see Reese Witherspoon partner up with someone like Jason Bateman or Melissa McCarthy.

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