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Wait, Did Channing Tatum Just Drop A Major Hint About ’23 Jump Street’?


The end credits to “22 Jump Street” seemed to be a farce-filled run-through of the many joke options for the future of the series — which is unabashedly on the 75-year plan at this point — but maybe that wasn’t the case after all.

Because Channing Tatum just tweeted what appears to be a throwback picture from one part of the clip, and even though it was then pegged as the faux concept for “24 Jump Street: Foreign Exchange,” maybe he’s dropping a little wink-hint about what’s to come with “23 Jump Street“?

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WizzroSupreme2021d ago

I can't wait for this. I'll probably watch these all the way up to 28 Jump Street at this rate. In Phil Lord and Chris Miller I trust, until I don't, of course.

Soldierone2020d ago

You are not alone! When watching the gag reel of the joke sequels I was sitting there thinking "I'd watch all of those." haha