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8 Shocking Secrets From The Making Of Pixar’s ‘Toy Story’


It’s been nearly 20 years since “Toy Story” hit theaters. As the first feature-length computer animated film ever, “Toy Story” set a precedent for innovation and catapulted Pixar Animation Studios into the forefront of animation.

But it wasn’t easy to pioneer an entirely new medium. In the early ’90s, Pixar was mostly known for its short films and television commercials. With Disney, they were able to take the chance of a lifetime on one very simple, yet entertaining idea: what if your toys came to life when you weren’t looking?

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Soldierone1930d ago

I think the first one is a little bit off. It may have influenced it, but according to other Pixar behind the scene stuff they were trying to "sell" Toy Story for a long time, and once businessmen like Jobs stepped in is when Disney finally listened.

And thank goodness it wasn't a musical!