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Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ Sequel Will “Reinvent the Franchise”, Says Producer John Davis


It’s been a year since we last heard about the new Predator movie that Shane Black is attached to direct, but we’ve got some good news: it’s still very much moving forward. The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 filmmaker signed on to direct and write a treatment for a new Predator movie last summer, enlisting friend and Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker to pen the screenplay. While initially reported as a reboot of the property, Black—who appeared as an actor in the 1987 original and also contributed significantly to the script—subsequently revealed to us that the film is instead an “inventive sequel” that will mine the rich mythology of the franchise.

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-Foxtrot2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

Arnie and Donald need to team up in the next one. For me that should have been the true third film. Imagine him and Arnie teaming up to take them down. The only two humans which have ever managed to defeat one of their kind. I'm guessing some Predators would respect the fact they won but I doubt all of them would be like that

solid_snake36562072d ago

John Cena would be pretty good for the role. I hate him as a wrestler, but he's looks the closest to Aronld the the old predator movies

-Foxtrot2072d ago

Good grief...John Cena

Looks or not I wouldn't want him any where near a film


freshslicepizza2071d ago

arnold's time has come and gone, time to get new people. i imagine whoever they get you will never be 100% happy because you are way too wrapped up in nostalgia to give anything a chance. jason momoa might be a good choice.

-Foxtrot2071d ago

Well thats just your opinion.......................

freshslicepizza2071d ago

your opinions are always bleak, is that an opinion as well? arnold is 68 years old, is he supposed to run through the jungle and capture predators? were you first in line saying yes, i am so happy they are making a new terminator with arnold?

i have yet to see one comment where you say i can't wait to see this movie without any negative implications.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32072d ago

Can we get a predator movie that shows them travelling through time fighting humans throughout the ages? Or was the end of Predator 2 just a cocktease?

DarkBlood2072d ago

Is that what it was? Thought it was just some spaceship lol