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‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ Reboot to Be Female-Centric


Back in May, we reported that 20th Century Fox was going to try and re-adapt Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s comic series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen after failing miserably with the 2003 Sean Connery film. For those who skipped that film (understandable) or the graphic novels (the first two are good, and you should read them), they follow a group of Victorian-era literary characters who try to save the world, although the book (unsurprisingly) embraces the darker aspects of characters like Mr. Hyde, the Invisible Man, and even the “heroic leader”, Allan Quartermain.

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-Foxtrot2073d ago

Oh good grief...another one

First Ghostbusters, now this

The first one didn't fail because it was a male led cast, it failed because it didn't embrace the dark side of the comics.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32072d ago

I have no problem with this if the filmmakers legitimately believe that giving the story a female perspective will make for a better movie, but there is nothing about the premise that calls for it to be gender specific. I'm curious to see what literary figures they intend to draw from; I feel like there is a lack of female protagonists in classic literature that would be suitable for a project like this.

-Foxtrot2072d ago

"but there is nothing about the premise that calls for it to be gender specific"


"League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"

Keyword: "Gentlemen"

I mean it's in the title

Baka-akaB2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Hum everything about the premise is gender specific . The era , the name , the fact that it borrow mostly famous male characters from classic tales in again an era where gender equity isnt a thing ...

And there is yet another problem beyond that , it's again filmakers "knowing better" than the author and the original books , and throwing everything away from it , yet AGAIN .

Mina Haker was already the central character , no need to take it further and potentially ruins it

Defectiv3_Detectiv32071d ago

As much of a glaring contradiction as the title might suggest, the book has very little to do with them actually being gentlemen or even men in general. The main focus of the book has always been to take classic characters from historical literature and give them a dark edge. It would be a bigger betrayal for them not to honor this idea from the story. You could accomplish the same thing from a female centric cast, the problem being that there aren't many female characters in literary history to draw from. It's worth noting that the follow up to League is Captain Nemo, so the writers were never really that attached to the moniker themselves.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32072d ago

Meet your new league:

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
Alyaah Quartermain
Daria Gray
etc. etc.

You're so progressive Hollywood!

RJ920092072d ago

Wait what??? Ok some one in Hollywood needs to make the brotherhood of the traveling pants....

scark922071d ago

And... I am not interested.