Constantine To Guest Star On Arrow

CB: Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine in the upcoming season of Arrow, The CW announced today at the Television Critics Association. "It's a great one-shot episode," mentioned Mark Pedowitz during the CW's presentation.

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-Foxtrot1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Not sure what to think of this I loved Constantine...but I loved it because it wasn't connected to Arrow/Flash, yet now it is

I wanted a second season as much as the next guy but this just screams desperation.

The worlds are completely different. They've established themselves as gritty, realistic, more grounded worlds while Constantine is anything but. Full on Demons, magic and bloody Angels.

We need a Hellblazer TV series on Netflix, a one following the comics and actually is set in Blade the UK is part of their charm.

vanethe1940d ago

I just hope this will help in getting Constantine on TV again, yes the first few episodes arent that good, but it improved a lot.

Hell even Arrow was/still not good.

falviousuk1940d ago

Nice to see a bit of the supernatural entering into the DC cinematic universe

Hayabusa 1171940d ago

Didn't like what I saw of Constantine much, but I do watch Arrow. I like the idea purely 'cose it's something new and interesting. While I do enjoy watching Arrow,ever since Caity Lotz's Black Canary was replaced by Katie Cassidy's I've take it even less seriously than I did before, it's just a fun watch, so I don't think I care if they have a demon-filled bonkers episode, Arrow is getting more and more ridiculous anyway, so anything goes really.