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That Other ‘Ghostbusters’ Is Totes Happening, And Guess Who They’re Gonna Call


Although certain people (ahem, Chris Pratt) have issued stern and vulgar denials that a second, dudely “Ghostbusters” reboot was happening, that hasn’t stopped loud whispers coming from Hollywood about a project just like that in the works.

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-Foxtrot2008d ago

"Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum"

Not sure about them to be honest

I'm worried Chris will end up being over used, especially when he's also rumoured for the Indiana Jones reboot and even the Han Solo film. He's in Jurassic World aswell another classic, revived franchise.

As for Channing Tatum, I don't he'd be a good fit to be honest.

Like I've said they should look into Bill Hader, Sam Rockwell and Donald Glover

StarWarsFan2008d ago

Sony is going to screw up with this franchise just like they did with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that forced them to reboot one more time.