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"Star Wars Live-Action TV Update: Netflix Bound


We've broken some exciting news regarding a potential live-action Star Wars show in the past, and today brings an update on some of the progress of the potential show(s) and where they could be headed. Come inside to check it out!

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Crazay2002d ago

Seems to me like a completely logical choice. They can have full 1hr episodes, aren't constrained to the television medium AND new flash - Netflix seems to have their crap together for casting, marketing, writing and producing some absolute winners.

I say bring it on. This would be incredible news for SW fans if it comes to fruition.

darklordzor2002d ago

To be honest, I'm BORED with most Network shows. Even the good ones like Flash or Arrow, I lose interest in because they simply drag on for too long. Shorter 10 episode "seasons" like what Netflix does is perfect, and cuts out all the filler episodes.

coolbeans2001d ago

Hope it's true. Keep to a solid 13 episode line (per season) like Netflix seems to do quite often and you've hit that happy medium of enough episodes for fans while stripping out filler.