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Ranking Every ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movie, From The Original To ‘Rogue Nation’


Ranking all five of the “Mission: Impossible” films is a — wait for it … wait for it … WAIT FOR IT! — really difficult thing to do. But not impossible!

Each film in the Tom Cruise franchise has something great going for it (yes, even THAT one), and in most cases, a whole bunch of great somethings. Here they are, from least great (but still good!) to greatest, in honor of “Rogue Nation” dropping this week:

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aDDicteD1996d ago

i have yet to watch the fifth installment but i do agree that the 2nd film is by far the weakest of all the entries but still good if you compare it to normal action spy film.

coolbeans1996d ago

Really? MI:III isn't even that good, especially from a direction standpoint. The way Brad Bird handled so many of those action scenes compared to the bland shaky cam, and sometimes overdone lens flare, of JJ Abrams detracts from each night action scene. Story kept me intrigued, I'll give it that though.

Agree with MI:II though. Really the only one that just hits sub-standard even by action film standards.