Zack Snyder Talks Reluctance To Make A Solo Batman Movie And Marvel v DC Rivalry


Most think that there's a huge rivalry between Marvel and DC, but is that really the case? Zack and Deborah Snyder address that here, while the former weighs in on why he would be reluctant to make a solo Batman movie and how Christopher Nolan's work influenced the DCEU...

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-Foxtrot2009d ago

" Chris set a tone for the DC Universe, and separated us from Marvel in a great way. We are the legacy pf those movies "

Why did they feel the need to use Nolans tone he set up. He did the Batman films in the grounded, more realistic way because there's that possibility that Batman could work in the real world. However things like Superman, Wonder Woman and the like don't really suit the tone/style in anyway.

Hell even watching the Man of Steel clips with all it's colour back in it felt like a better fit.

That's not saying they had to do what Marvel were doing. The thing about Marvel they can't really go into the more mature, adult themes of the Marvel world because of being owned by Disney (who target young audiences) but they could have still kept the less grounded vibe while keeping it's more mature target audience.

I mean you wouldn't really see Tony Starks drinking problem or Ant Mans wife beating plot points in Marvel films but for DC them kind of things could be allowed. I would have liked to see Marvel at least touch on Starks drinking problem more in Iron Man 3 with how he was reacting after the events of the Avengers. Would have fit in perfectly.

Although I think Marvel have found a way round it thanks to Netflix. I mean Daredevil was fantastic and it was even better to watch something like that knowing you wouldn't get this on the big screen. However with DC they still do the gritty, realistic, grounded thing with it's TV shows.