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TVf Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Hostage of Fortune

For some reason, on TV the FBI is always in the way of the local police.

Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 8 was no exception. In fact, Special Agent Jerry Shay was one of the most obnoxious, arrogant and annoying characters I've ever seen on a television series. I felt bad for Provenza and the rest of the crew that had to deal with him.

"Hostage of Fortune" was an enjoyable hour of television despite Shay's presence. If there must be an FBI/local police conflict, I prefer it be a little bit more realistic, but this one was definitely entertaining.

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alycakes2000d ago

Wow! what a mess some people get themselves into trying to trick their parent and get money out of them. Sometimes they are just too stupid to know any better and it just gets you killed.