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Tremors 5 Movie Trailer Promises New Threats, Same Cheese

From Cinelinx:

Eager to see what Tremors 5 has in store for fans of the cheesy monster movie franchise? Well you're in luck as today brings us the first official trailer, and a release date for the direct-to-blu-ray sequel.

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Crazay2003d ago

remember when Tremors was a half serious horror comedy and was actually good? Yea.... that was nice.

darklordzor2002d ago

God I fucking love Tremors. The first movie is so great. The Second is more campy, but still watchable for me, I don't know what happened with 3, and 4 was so ridiculous. Even so, I'm going to watch the shit out of this one.

alycakes2002d ago

I loved the first Tremors but the second was a little disappointing and I haven't seen any of the others.

deadpoolio3162002d ago

Uh you mean the first one, cause they were total crap after that. Although I suppose 2 could be considered watchable-ish but one we get into the assblasters and other stupid names territory there is no coming back. The TV should could have been OK IF they had given it some time to mature

3-4-52002d ago

Tremors 1 & 2 were legit movies.

Nothing after.

Aldous_Snow2002d ago

Didnt know there was a forth, let alone a 3rd.. Original was a classic as I loves me some Kevin Bacon.

darklordzor2002d ago

The fourth was actually a prequel set in the 1800s (wild west) showing how the town of perfection was formed and the first encounter with the worms. It wasn't very good.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32002d ago

Kevin Bacon has actually expressed an interest in returning to the franchise. Bring back him and Fred Ward and that movie will shoot to #1 must see status.

FlyingFoxy2002d ago

Have to say the first one was spot on, very enjoyable imo.. the 2nd one was good. Third one started getting silly..

Not really sure what happened but they should go back to what made the first one so good and kinda the 2nd one, Kevin Bacon reminds me a little of Ellis from L4D2 in this too.