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The Hollywood Reporter | 'Vacation' Review


Probably everyone has had the discomfiting experience of sitting stone-faced at a comedy while others in the theater are whooping with laughter. And so it was for me at Vacation, the gross follow-up to the Chevy Chase comedy from 1983, National Lampoon’s Vacation, a smash hit that launched a franchise. Judging from the laughter around me, this new movie should be popular, though it remains to be seen whether the hard-R rating will hurt business for what is essentially a family comedy.

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StarWarsFan2007d ago

It certainly won't be a classic like the original films. Actually, the trailer makes it almost feel like a spoof of the originals.

Bathyj2007d ago

I died a little inside when I saw this was being made.

Next on the chopping block, Ghostbusters. All my childhood memories being violated.

Please dont redo Stripes or Caddyshack.