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Mark Hamill to Voice The Joker For Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Film

Collider: Yesterday in Animation Roundup, we reported that the upcoming animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke might feature Mark Hamill as the voice of the Joker. For those who don’t know, Hamill voiced the character in Batman: The Animated Series and in the Batman: Arkham video games.

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Porcelain_Chicken2001d ago

I might get crucified for this... but I preferred Troy Baker. He sounds a lot like Mark Hamill's take but there is a darker undertone in there that I absolutely loved in Origins. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, I love Hamill, Joker is what he is because of him, was just sharing my two cents. Happy to see him take another crack at it!

aDDicteD1997d ago

Mark Hamill is the better voice for joker overall that is a fact but in regards with the killing joke medium i have to agree that troy baker is better for this particular storyline because this is the darkest storyline for batman that i know. Mark Hamill's take is a perfect blend of darkness and playfulness tone which the joker has at his core but baker's tone for joker is like what porcelein said; he has similar tone but is slightly more sadistic and less playful, it has more intimidation but very slightly.