I Am Cait: “Meeting Cait” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Going into tonight’s premiere of I Am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner is in a unique and complicated situation. As a trans woman, she’s subject to both gendered objectification and the pedestal of “passing,” both of which were out in force as media outlets congratulated her for how she looked on her Vanity Fair cover. She’s subject to the assumptions and loaded language that surround discussions of trans identity—the same preconceptions that led to media calling that Vanity Fair spread an “unveiling” or a “reveal.” And Caitlyn is also a star of the E! Network, which has leveraged Keeping Up With The Kardashians into an empire built on the hypnotic banality of fame for its own sake—and since Caitlyn Jenner is part of this franchise, she’s doubtless expected to deliver.

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