Masters Of Sex: “The Excitement Of Release” Review - AVClub

AVClub: According to the interview with Michelle Ashford we talked about last week, this episode is where Masters Of Sex season three was originally supposed to start. And it’s a much better episode than the two that preceded it, adding new characters and old to bolster the excitement of the event we’ve all been waiting for: The release of Human Sexual Response. To underline the importance of the book, the show now offers cautionary tales as subplots: the curious teenager, the bored domestic couple, the closeted older man. To these different scenarios, Human Sexual Response offers not just a solution (for the couple), informative but dangerous knowledge (for the teenager), and the promise of a more enlightened populace (the older man). Framing these subplots in this way not only underlines the importance of the book, but paints Masters and Johnson’s cause as the farthest thing from sordid, into downright noble territory.

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