Rick And Morty: “A Rickle In Time” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Oh hey, let’s do an episode about a timeline that’s split in two. No, wait, four. Oh, fuck it, we’ll include eight, 16, 32, and 64 as well, because everybody loves squares, right? But that’s not tricky enough, so let’s start off the story with the instigating incident—namely, the time freeze that kicks off this whole mess—already having happened. Which means we’re assuming the audience remembers last season well enough to grasp the concept without too much explanation. Oh, and we’ll also break up the segments about timeline bifurcation (quadfurcation?) with a b-story that has no science fiction elements in it whatsoever, but still manages to keep up the a-story’s momentum, so that the episode never drags or becomes too fragmented. Yes, that’s right. We’ll do an episode in which one scene has 64 boxes of semi-distinct visual action on screen at once, and somehow it will not be too fragmented.

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