The Brink: “Tweet Tweet Tweet” Review - AVClub

AVClub: For all of its mediocrity, The Brink is actually a fascinating example of the pitfalls of serialized television. Though the rise of serialization has certainly produced some great television, and not to mention the primary reason for TV’s mainstream critical acceptance, it has also created new structural storytelling problems for many shows coming out of the pipeline. A serialized show has to simultaneously uphold the macro seasonal narrative and the weekly micro episodic narratives. However, the latter has to operate as a function of the former and as its own discrete story. This probably sounds really obvious, especially because anyone who’s reading this most likely has an awareness of how serialized TV storytelling works, but it’s important to reiterate for no other reason than to illustrate how hard it is to do well. A smart serialized show has to juggle many balls in the air while also hiding the fact that it’s juggling at all. There’s a reason why many of the very best shows falter at this very task.

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