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BoJack Horseman: “Escape from L.A.” Review - AVClub

AVClub: From the very beginning, “Escape From L.A.” warns you not to get comfortable. The ending of “Yes And,” which showed BoJack driving away from his toxic life in Los Angeles, was more hopeful for BoJack than not. He not only got to New Mexico in one piece, but he found the woman who liked him before he was famous, the woman who made him wonder, “what if?” But just like when she said she doesn’t actually live in that idyllic Maine cottage he’s always imagined at Herb’s funeral, Charlotte immediately sets BoJack straight. No, she doesn’t care about this turquoise crap, and no, she hasn’t been waiting for him. Thirty years later, Charlotte has a family, and BoJack is once again left out in the cold wondering what in the hell he’s been doing with his life. It’s jarring after the seemingly optimistic ending “Yes And,” but it’s not exactly surprising. The real surprise is when “Escape From L.A.” uses one of Bojack Horseman’s abrupt cuts to the future, and it’s not just twenty minutes later.

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