Power: “You’re Not The Man” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Great sex isn’t going to keep her from thinking for herself.” So says Ghost about Angela in “You’re Not The Man,” and when he says it, it appears to be his most profoundly obtuse statement yet. The narrative core of Power is the relationship between Ghost and Angela, who have routinely avoided thinking for themselves so they can continue having great sex. If Angela had her wits about her and was as cynical and skeptical toward Ghost as she normally is, she would have fostered her own suspicions about him ages ago. Instead, Angela and Ghost clumsily dance around each other and fall back into bed at regular intervals, despite how much risk their relationship puts them both in. But if there was any confusion about where Angela’s priorities lie before “You’re Not The Man,” it’s gone now. She’s focused on busting Ghost by any means necessary.

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