Netflix Is Taking On TV, And Killing It

An unprecedented change is descending on television, and it’s all thanks to a little streaming service called Netflix.

Over the last 3 years we’ve witnessed the streaming service expand from Smart TV gimmick to industry-shattering powerhouse that is redefining how we receive our favourite shows and films.

Everyday Netflix’s grip on the television industry tightens, whether it’s a new exclusive series such as Orange Is The New Black, a brave announcement like A Series Of Unfortunate Events or a truly massive partnership like the former Top Gear boys.

If one takes a step back and looks at how far the service has come in only a few years, they can see how impressive Netflix’s growth is, and also, how bright its future is.....

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Aldous_Snow2012d ago

Gotta love Netflix. Just started watching From Dusk til Dawn series.. Love it.

TheLumilounge2012d ago

Its just pretty fantastic isn't it! What do you think of it so far? Haven't watched it myself...

Aldous_Snow2012d ago

It basically the same as the movie but with lots of bits in between with back stories and what not. Lots more to it than the movie. On episode 6 so far, just arrived at the Titty Twister.

Baka-akaB2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

It's actually taking lots of liberties and a vastly different path from the movie , wich isnt a bad thing . And the result is so far awesome . Can't wait for season 2.

s45gr322011d ago

I hate you , you picked my interest for this series

dragonopt12012d ago

I love Netflix and Hulu, don't even pay for cable anymore because it was getting expensive. Sure I could afford it but why spend that much money when for less then $20 you get tons of shows.

RetrospectRealm2012d ago

I still get cable because I often find it hard to watch Netflix or Hulu because there's almost too much choices for me to choose from, if that makes sense. With cable I just choose a channel and watch whatever is on it. My girlfriend usually has to decide when we watch Netflix/Hulu.

Plus, I like watching TCM and AMC on cable.

Newmanator2011d ago

Netflix & Hulu is all you need!

Soldierone2012d ago

I wish Hulu wasn't grasping at exclusive stuff. I love Netflix, but Hulu got Seignfeld so I tried it and hated it. I don't watch a lot of "normal TV" so Hulu was pretty useless to me besides paying for Seignfeld, so I cancelled it.

Plus why do you still get ads on Hulu even after paying? Made no sense to me at all.

slinky1234562012d ago

That's why I quit Hulu. I can understand the ads on the new shows, but older shows and stuff really pissed me off. Also, they don't let you watch everything when you stream from say a PS4 or other deices which really annoys me. I don't want to have to watch TV from a PC. Hulu needs to start making its service better to get me. Some newer shows is not enough(which is basically all it has over Netflix).

RetrospectRealm2012d ago

I hate when Hulu has certain shows as "Web Only". So I can't watch Mr. Robot on my 360. Even so, Hulu actually has way better movies than Netflix tbh. Especially their Criterion section. I love me my French films.

Soldierone2011d ago

Noticed that too, it was like jumping through loops. Even though I paid...

Also at Retrospect, where were the movies? I noticed Hulu said it had movies, but the selection for me was like 20 movies and all were foreign or indie movies. I thought maybe they would have movies that were on TV.

StarWarsFan2011d ago

I prefer cable. Maybe I'm traditional about it. Although, cable companies would do themselves a lot of benefit with customers in the long-term if they tried cutting rates and simplifying packages. They should offer a really cheap student option, for instance. Free digital box and select channels. Nothing big, but something to attract people and expand from there.

sullynathan2011d ago

I'm with you there. Netflix is cool especially when you want to watch certain movies and TV shows but they don't always get the shows I want as quickly as I want it and same for the movies.

Plus their streaming quality is inconsistent on Apple TV. It doesn't buffer much but it switches from HD to SD and it takes while to load up longer TV shows and I have good Internet connection.

TheLumilounge2011d ago

Thats strange guys as I would personally say the opposite. Netflix is so much better for browsing when you have no idea what you want to watch. It's great for just playing by ear. I think thats because I always have a specific movie I want to watch though....

It does irritate my sometimes that Netflix is pretty slow on getting new bigger movies as well, but its not too disastrous as I wouldn't use Netflix as a service for instant access to the latest films.

I use Netflix on my PS4 and it suffers from inconsistencies too. Im in the UK and have a pretty shitty internet speed, but its not too bad in general, but slightly grinding when you can load HD!

s45gr322011d ago

Nah screw cable, too expensive and adding channels without my authorization. Ads really I am paying no. Surprisingly my cable bill would increase $5.00 every month. Netflix always 8.99 watch whanever you want whatever you want. Man oh Man Netflix is killing cable yay.

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The story is too old to be commented.