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Last week on Dark Matter we got a glimpse into the back story of Four, Five, and Six, and this week in “Episode Seven” Three takes the spotlight. I said before in my advanced review of the series that Dark Matter feels a bit like Firefly 2.0. That isn’t an insult to the series because goodness knows we all love a solid space opera, but this week’s episode with guest appearance by Ruby Rose, felt especially Firefly-like, with stowaway passengers in stasis and betrayal from the least expected party.

Life on the Raza has been focused mainly on learning the history of the six crew members with the help of the Android. Sure, there have been a few guest appearances here and there but nothing notable to take away screen time from the main cast. However, “Episode Seven” introduced not one, but two new characters in the entertainment android Wendy and Three’s sickly lover in stasis, Sarah, and boy, were they welcome additions.

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alycakes2006d ago

Last night's episode was different and fun to watch with Ruby Rose in it. This is a fun show to watch either way but she added a little extra fun and was a bit of trouble for the crew.