Doctor Who Legend Sylvester McCoy Says Only A Man Can Play The Time Lord

The Mirror

Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy says the Time Lord should never regenerate as a woman.

The actor, 71, has dismissed suggestions the time traveller could be played by a female.

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-Foxtrot2010d ago

I think people need to let this gender thing go. Doctor Who is a man and should only regenerate into a man

I'm still hoping the Master only switched bodies with someone.

WizzroSupreme2010d ago

But Matt Smith's Doctor already suggested in his initial transformation that The Doctor could transform into a man. And I hardly see why gender roles have ever had sway on the Doctor's personality on all occasions. He's not like Bond who's consistently characterized as a womanizer – he's an alien with infinite possibilities.

Aldous_Snow2010d ago

Looks like Radagast the Brown has been smoking a little bit too much longbottom leaf.