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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Did You Hear the One About Robin Being Joker?


Jim and Chris on the fan theory about Jason Todd and Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

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04roacht2007d ago

I think it is plausible but it wont happen. I think when building a cinematic universe whilst remaining loyal to the source material they wont try and pull the rug out from under us with something like that. I think in the trailer the person who sends Bruce the 'You let your family die' is Jason Todd and not the Joker. The Joker did torture Jason Todd and did graffiti on Robin's costume. I like that people think this though.

acemonkey2007d ago

lol Jason todd was AK and had the same little tat ( but more like brand on his face) Dick nightwing was Joker in Dark Knight Strikes Again. i hope it doesnt happen this way

SilentNegotiator2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Incredibly stupid idea. You'd either have a lame "Robin posing as Joker" twist or you'd be throwing some of the most pivotal Batman plots out the window by making Joker a later villain.

Also, let the whole "The villain is actual Robin and will become an anti-hero after a confrontation with Batman!" thing go for a while. It has been done to death at this point.