Wayward Pines Finale Review - IGN

IGN: Perhaps there’s something to that old saying that history repeats itself after all. Wayward Pines came full circle in Thursday night’s finale, “Cycle,” proving that ideas and “visions” live on longer than those who hatch them in the first place.
Not everyone made it out alive, with Hope Davis’ Megan seemingly falling to the incoming abbies as she attempted to protect her precious first generation, and various other residents getting chewed on throughout.

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-Foxtrot2006d ago

I've loved this series since it started by jesus christ the last 10 minutes of this ruined the whole god damn thing

I've never been this disappointed with an ending since Dexter or HIMYM

They followed the book to a T for the entire show only for the writer to tear the last page out of book 3 and wipe his arse with it.

The epilogue of the book would have been great to cling onto hope for a second season but now there's no point.

StarWarsFan2004d ago

Great show. They need to give Matt Dillon a good starring vehicle like Ray Donovan or Dexter, something he can really make his own.