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The Unusually Accurate Portrait of Hacking on USA’s Mr. Robot


Michael Bazzell was in high school when he built his first computer, an Intel 80386 that he constructed with help from a friend who worked in a computer store. “You had to understand how it all worked, like installing your own operating system,” says Bazzell, whose first version of DOS was 6.22. “That was groundbreaking at the time.”

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Crazay2002d ago

For anyone here who hasn't had the opportunity to check this show out, I HIGHLY recommend it. The show is so well written and acted. I started watching the show earlier in the week and found myself totally consumed by the story. Sadly now I'm all caught up and have to wait like the rest of the world for the next episode

alycakes2002d ago

I liked it from the beginning but it's a real thinking can be very confusing if you don't pay close attention to it. You can't miss any of it especially if you don't have a lot of computer skills.

Crazay2002d ago

I'm pretty sure that Mr.Robot is actually a second personality. KInda the same way that Tyler DUrden was in Fight Club.