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‘Avengers’: 21 Burning Questions We Still Have About The Vision


It’s been two months since “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” crashed into theaters and we still can’t stop thinking about one of the movie’s best features — namely the Vision, the android superhero played by Paul Bettany. Seriously, the dude stole every scene he was in, and he didn’t even show up until the movie’s third act.

Maybe it’s because he was barely on screen or maybe it’s just Bettany’s sheer magnetism, but we really want to know literally everything about the Marvel movie version of the Vision, and we’ve had a LOT of time to come up with questions.

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WizzroSupreme2000d ago

If The Vision is in Civil War, wonder if he'll be one side's trump card or just stay neutral. I'm thinking the latter.

coolbeans1999d ago

I'm thinking the same thing. Neutral may be his approach here.