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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review - Cinema Blend

CB: The most jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, pulse-racing action set piece in Christopher McQuarrie’s frantically enjoyable Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation finds franchise centerpiece and all-around indestructible action icon Tom Cruise submerged in water where he’s forced to hold his breath and battle extreme obstacles to reach an unobtainable goal. No, strike that, the scene we’ll all be talking about afterwards has to be the Morocco car pursuit – which morphs into a high-speed motorcycle chase – that McQuarrie puts right after the thrilling underwater dive sequence. Alright, fine, if we’re being honest, the benchmark scene in Rogue Nation arguably is the trailer-ready shot of Cruise’s super agent Ethan Hunt clinging to the side of a massive A-400 airplane as he waits for Benji (Simon Pegg), his tech-savvy sidekick, to open a portal.

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