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3 Killed In "Trainwreck" Lafayette Movie Theater Shooting


Three years following The Dark Knight Rises shooting, a lone gunman entered a movie theater and fired upon the crowd killing three people and injuring many others.

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Crazay2006d ago

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

Soon you guys are going to need to pass through metal detectors just to have a night out at the movies.

aCasualGamer2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I'm beginning to reconsider my moral stance on death penalty.

I'm sick of these deranged people who see no solution other than going to kill innocent people. Seriously this needs to stop.

annoyedgamer2005d ago

Or they could just remove the gun ban? That's the problem. Last week 5 servicemen were shot in a recruitment center. Guess what was on the door? A big no gun sign.

Avalanche2006d ago

Ever see "Wag the Dog"?

if our freedoms get stripped out of "Safety" you will know who is behind these shootings.

RetrospectRealm2005d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagreed with, that's actually a pretty good comment.

iliimaster2006d ago

im gnna be a little nervous next time the family goes to the movies hell just me too,

dota2champion2005d ago

This is horrible. We need to reform gun laws and make obtaining a gun stricter

annoyedgamer2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Guns are prohibited in the theater. Same with every school, mall and army recruitment center. There is a reason madmen go to these places to kill people then off themselves like the cowards they are.

In the USA you will likely find someone to shoot back, unless there is a gun free zone.

RetrospectRealm2005d ago

Not sure you realize it, but plenty of cops carry a consealed weapon on their off time and take it with them wherever they go. Schools, theaters, Disneyland, on a plane, wherever. I think it's just chance no one in those places had a gun.

maelstromb2005d ago

This type of crap has been happening forever, and it doesn't just involve guns. Any sadistic maniac is going to find a way to harm people in one aspect or another. No stop-gaps or tightening of security measures will ever stop it. Instead, those types of things mostly imprison the general populace moreso than the actual killers themselves. I agree something must be done, but what exactly that is is beyond me at this point because we've raised a country full of gun nuts clinging to their guns as if they were the holy Bible itself. And any attempt to roll back legislation ends in bickering and more guns as those in favor proclaim the 2nd Amendment was practically spoken from on up high; a law only God himself could change.

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