Rectify: “Sown With Salt” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Here’s the deal, folks. For a group to learn together, it’s gottaaa…” and here the conductor of the Macon, Georgia Thrifty Town training seminar overestimates the trainees, gesturing to his bored audience to fill in the blank, except no one does, because nobody wants to get called on, so he answers his own question after just long enough for it to be embarrassing, saying, “…laaaugh together.” Rectify is surprisingly funny for a show about a Death Row inmate slowly readjusting to life on the outside and also he may have done it, that is, strangled his girlfriend to death as a teenager, so the show’s in a perpetual state of flux and still manages stuff like, “Give Amanda a hand, everybody.” But on the subject of growing together, as funny as the show is, the Holden-Talbot-Stern clan don’t do a lot of laughing together, because the “together” part is practically nonexistent anymore. Remember family dinners, parties, even legal matters? Now Janet and Ted are frosty, Tawney and Teddy come this close to couples counseling before their natures wreck everything, and Amantha’s moving on from Jon.

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