Comedy Bang Bang: “Brie Larson Wears A Billowy Long-Sleeve Shirt” Review - AVClub

AVClub: On a recent episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast, Scott Aukerman called “Brie Larson Wears A Billowy Long-Sleeve Shirt And White Saddle Shoes” (quite the mouthful) one of his favorite episodes of this particular cycle. So even with that added pressure, it’s difficult to come out of watching this week’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! without feeling the same thing. Sure, this is only the third episode in this half of the fourth season, but even including the rest of the episodes from the first half, this stands out as a top one. Part of that is the framing device: an ‘80s/early ‘90s “ragtag crew of misfits” on summer vacation, which is just so ripe with comedic possibilities. Another part of that is the always delightful Brie Larson, who is game to be just as weird as the show wants her to be. Then there’s of course the part of the very fresh Scott and Kid Cudi (also know as “the other Scott and Scott,” as of right now) relationship, which only gets better with each week.

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