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BoJack Horseman: “Hank After Dark” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Dropping an entire season all at once has made watching a series one episode at a time a quaint notion. Netflix in particular drops a new series almost biweekly, and it increasingly feels like the only way to keep up with the cultural conversation like you would with a weekly show is to mirror the show’s release and take it all in at once. Since these shows are also made with their full release in mind, how individual episodes hold up is less important than their overall effect on the season. BoJack Horseman is more attentive to the episodic small picture than most binge-watching shows, but it still has an overall narrative thrust that keeps things moving towards the finale, and also, the show is addictive as hell. What I’m saying is, I got several “holy shit episode seven” texts the first day BoJack dropped, and all I wanted to do was speed through and get to what they were talking about. But reviewing and watching one at a time made that impossible, and so I waited with ba...

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